Employee Engagement Assessment

Employee Engagement is a function of quality of work conditions, policy, processes, culture, leadership quality and strategy execution Engagement is much more than mere satisfaction. Engaged employees are psychologically connected with the organisation therefore put discretionary effort to enhance self & organisation’s performance and positively advocate for the company. They consistently display high energy, enthusiasm and performance levels; have clarity on desired outcomes of their role; build supportive relationships and are highly committed to the work group, their role and the organisation

An engaged employee shall describe him/herself that (s)he fits into the organisation, is clear about the expectation, feels supported by the system, process, team, has a feeling of being valued by the organisation for his/her contributions and is inspired by the vision, mission, purpose, leadership and the people of the organisation. Engaged workforce is critical to sustained competitive advantage and enhanced business performance.

We believe engagement operate at two levels. One at the level of their career or profession, people around them and the second is the engagement with the organization as a whole. Employees with high levels of engagement with their career but disengaged on strategic facets of their employer find it difficult to align with organizational goals and strategy. Likewise employees are engaged only to the organization but not their job, find it difficult to perform well and to deliver discretionary effort in their work.

Organisation’s Strategy leadership ability, culture, structure and processes, working conditions are all inter-related with engagement levels.

Our Engagement Model takes a comprehensive but a progressive approach to achieve total employee engagement i.e. progressing from simple to more complex and subtle desires. It measures 5 broad elements through 70 statements that link to critical aspects of employee engagement impacting business outcomes.

Conditions of work include basic threshold conditions for any employee to perform like compensation, benefits, work life balance, material supply, policies and procedures etc Contributions refers to aspects employees are exposed to that generate trust in performance orientation of work group, motivation to build competencies and perform optimally and being socially & responsibly productive. It also covers areas like job contents, performance management system, processes and its execution, competency framework etc. In short this covers areas of what employee contribute to the organisation and society in general.

Relations refer to the extent employee is able to relate well with people around. Unless employees relate well with the each other, they shall not be able to appreciate supporting environment within their work group and the organisation. Organisation’s values, culture (collective behaviour of being responsive, inter-personal trust, openness, effective communication, caring attitude, sharing and collaborative approach) and sense of belonging enhance the engagement and a will to perform.

Opportunities cover aspects wherein employee sees the opportunity to learn & grow within the organisation, a better professional and a better human being. Employee engagement has high correlation with the opportunities work group provides to realize one’s aspirations. Opportunity to learn & grow, adequate freedom to experiment / creativity enable people to strive for more. Motivation, like a leaking balloon, requires constant replenishment of appreciation & encouragement. Organisations that encourage people to take measured risks and take failures as part of business, cultivate innovation & creativity, their employee perform at much higher level than the one that fails to do so.

Strategic Connect is about the connection and the trust employee has in the organisation as a whole, including visions, mission, purpose, strategies of the organisation and the leadership practices, its brand, creditability, ethical practices etc. If they connect and trust, they align themselves with the organisation’s goals and are encouraged to performer to achieve these goals.
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