2021 Global Culture Report by O.C. Tanner

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An ongoing research uncovers and examines the statistics, trends, and perceptions that are shaping workplace cultures around the world. See how organisations with strong cultures attract top talent, reduce employee turnover, and help employees thrive.

The average engagement score fell 2% and incidences of burnout rose 3% from the previous year—for reasons other than the pandemic. Unprecedented times conceal unprecedented opportunities to strengthen culture though transparency, connection, recognition, and inclusion. Only 32% of organisations are culturally ready to adopt new technology. But it can have a powerful impact on the employee experience. Over the next decade, recognition will become more technical, personal, natural, and critical. Nearly half of employees feel there’s room to improve. When cultures increase inclusive employee experiences and decrease exclusionary experiences, quantifiable outcomes like engagement and wellbeing soar. We’re starting to see how Gen-Z employees compare to their predecessors. And organisations with healthy cultures are 16x more likely to retain them. Organisations that treat every employee as a leader develop the best leaders (at least 81% of them). They also build the best cultures. Cultures where all employees thrive don’t create themselves. It’s a never-ending journey.

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