Conversation With Emotions

  • Emotions are not enemies
  • 60 Min, 2 Hrs, 1 Day
  • Webinar, Face to Face
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Are you dealing with emotional disturbance? Are you finding difficult to deal with emotions? wish to learn how to manage your emotional wellbeing?

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Emotions are body sensations, however, expressions can be regulated. Emotions are messengers for one’s professional growth. Our program is designed to equip participants to understand the neuroscience of emotions and reframing emotions mindset.

Target Audience

All team members facing the challenge of dealing with emotions; feeling incapacitated on account of emotional disturbance. It’s especially valuable to leaders, managers, team leaders and supervisors of teams. Maximum – 30 participants in Face to face Maximum – 100 participants in a Webinar


  • Learning emotions are sensations in the body
  • Understanding the evolutionary neurobiology of neuroscience of Flipped Brain
  • Tools to allow for emotions to be messengers of clarity and health
  • Strategies of recognizing when we are Flipped and still make aware decisions

Course Content

  • Present Mindset of Emotions
  • Recognize Emotions
  • Understanding the neuroscience of Emotions
  • Understanding Flipped Brain
  • Regulating Emotions
  • Reframe Emotions
  • Decoding the message Emotion trying to convey
  • Render Emotions
  • Express oneself healthily and effectively


  • Multiple Delivery Options – F2F, Webinar
  • Highly interactive facilitator moderated discussions, Presentations, Individual & Group exercises, Case studies, Roleplays, App-based activities, Videos, Q&A


Multiple Delivery Options:
  • Webinar – 1 hour
  • Face to Face – 1 day

Optional Customisation

  • Duration of programs based on specific organisational needs
  • Multiple sessions can be organised during the day
  • Training needs analysis prior to design and delivery – to baseline exact requirements for maximum program value and impact
  • Follow-up programs and individual coaching sessions for greater effectiveness

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