Dopamine Detox

  • Regain work enthusiasm and creativity.
  • 60 Min, 120 Min, 180 Min.
  • Webinar, Live Virtual Class, Face to Face
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Did you know that you can reset your mind with a dopamine detox?

When dopamine levels are too low, people experience depression, anxiety and overwhelm. Lets discover the solution for how you can reset your mind and feel better? 

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The current extended work from home scenario has left the corporate world with some mixed feelings. The virtual routines are creating roadblocks to a more productive mental health and thus overall productivity. The easy access to social media and literally virtual social existence is constantly keeping the mind engaged, robbing it away from the “flow state”, thus keeping one away from being energized and hyper-focused. This often results in distraction from goals and boredom or loss of enthusiasm in work routines. This program provides an insightful understanding of how mental health is a play of hormones such as dopamine and can be reset to more constructive routines through a highly talked about silicon valley term, “the dopamine detox”. The hacks and concepts shared in the program could help working people experience healthy work routines and enable them to regain work enthusiasm and creativity.

Target Audience

Any working people who wants to experience healthy work routines and enable them to regain work enthusiasm and creativity.

Maximum – 30 participants in a Virtual class & Face to face Maximum – 250 participants in a Webinar


  • Understand practical application of dopamine detox
  • Include detox habits in work routines
  • Utilise time effectively by increased mental focus
  • Adopt healthy habits

Course Content

  • Science of Dopamine
  • Dopamine addiction and its impact
  • Inculcating detox in work routines
  • Case studies to strengthen understanding
  • Hacks to integrate detox in hectic work cycles


  • Multiple Delivery Options – F2F, Facilitator led Virtual Session, Webinar
  • Highly interactive facilitator moderated discussions, Presentations, Individual & Group exercises, Case studies, Roleplays, App-based activities, Videos, Q&A


Multiple Delivery Options:
  • Webinar – 1 hour
  • Live Virtual Class – 2 hours
  • Face to Face – 2 hours

Optional Customisation

  • Duration of programs based on specific organisational needs
  • Multiple sessions can be organised during the day
  • Training needs analysis prior to design and delivery – to baseline exact requirements for maximum program value and impact
  • Follow-up programs and individual coaching sessions for greater effectiveness

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