First Time Manager

  • Transitioning to Team Manager
  • 60 Min, 18 Hrs, 3 Days
  • Webinar, Live Virtual Class, F2F
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Employees largely experience the organisation through their managers. The transition from being a team member to a manager is one of the most critical transitions in one’s career. Are we enabling first time managers through this transition?

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We recognise that first time managers need to develop specific skills / ability to transition themselves from team member to team manager. They have initial difficulty in gaining acceptance and respect of the team that they might have been part of as peer earlier. Our workshop is designed to help the participants develop essential managerial skills both generic and organisation specific.

Target Audience

New managers, team leaders and supervisors emerging leaders with potential  to lead the team in near future. (Max. 24 participants in a Virtual class & Face to face; 250 in a Webinar)


  • Clarity on managerial role & responsibilities
  • Understanding elements of management effectiveness
  • Self assessment on constituents of leadership
  • Skills to gain acceptance / trust of the team as Leader
  • Decision making skills; influencing decision making and risk taking
  • Techniques for building rapport and engaging others
  • Ability to effectively manage team communication
  • Ability to use motivation interventions for maximum impact
  • Influencing skills for effective change management
  • Managing Difficult Conversations

Course Content

  • Understanding business strategy & their role in delivering the strategy
  • Understanding their role as Manager - managing team, creating & maintaining trust, creating engaging environment
  • Setting goals, execution of action plans and monitoring
  • Influence of motivation; effective use of motivation techniques
  • Leadership style and preferences
  • Effective communication ( personal / managerial communications )
  • Communicating assertively and effectively
  • Art of giving positive / formative feedback
  • Performing leaders (getting best of their team)
  • Leading as well as doing - how to get the right balance
  • Techniques for handling problems / conflicts; dealing with failures
  • Decision making; Factors influencing our choices in decision making
  • Art of communicating decision effectively


  • Multiple Delivery Options – F2F, Facilitator led Virtual Sesion, Webinar
  • Highly interactive facilitator moderated discussions, Presentations, Individual & Group exercises, Case studies, Role plays, App based activities, Videos, Q&A


Multiple Delivery Options:
  • Webinar – 1 hour
  • Facilitator led Virtual – 18 hours
  • Face to Face – 3 days

Optional Customisation

  • Duration of programs based on specific organisational needs
  • Multiple sessions can be organised during the day
  • Training needs analysis prior to design and delivery – to baseline exact requirements for maximum program value and impact
  • Follow-up programs and individual coaching sessions for greater effectiveness

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