Unconcious Bias

  • Learn to prevent stereotyping
  • 60 Min, 120 Min, 1 Day
  • Webinar, Live Virtual Class, Face to Face
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Ever heard the old adage, “Never assume because it makes an “ass” out of “you” and “me”? Learn how to identify and manage your own implicit bias in the workplace. 

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This training program is designed to allow people to identify their own unconscious biases, provide tools to adjust automatic patterns of thinking, and ultimately eliminate discriminatory behaviour. A key component of this program is to create awareness about unconscious bias. It enables you to explore, manage, understand biases and attitudes. It equips you with tools & strategies to deal effectively with them and gain valuable professional & life skills.

Target Audience

Every employee at the workplace. Anyone who is keen to identify & eliminate unconscious bias.

Maximum – 30 participants in a Virtual class & Face to face Maximum – 250 participants in a Webinar


  • Build awareness to understand what unconscious bias is
  • Understand the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace and how it impacts your decision making.
  • Learn skills to help you recognize and take action to manage bias.
  • Create an action plan with goals to work toward becoming an inclusive leader or colleague, by managing your own unconscious bias.

Course Content

  • Understand why human beings are biased and are typically built to stereotype
  • Explore the relationship between bias and stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
  • Assess the impact of bias on decision-making, behaviour and relationships
  • Identify your own biases and take action to compensate for them Understand what steps can be taken by employers to tackle bias at an organisational level


  • Multiple Delivery Options – F2F, Facilitator led Virtual Session, Webinar
  • Highly interactive facilitator moderated discussions, Presentations, Individual & Group exercises, Case studies, Roleplays, App-based activities, Videos, Q&A


Multiple Delivery Options:
  • Webinar – 1 hour
  • Live Virtual Class – 2 hours
  • Face to Face – 1 day

Optional Customisation

  • Duration of programs based on specific organisational needs
  • Multiple sessions can be organised during the day
  • Training needs analysis prior to design and delivery – to baseline exact requirements for maximum program value and impact
  • Follow-up programs and individual coaching sessions for greater effectiveness

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