Work Life Integration

  • Managing Work-life Balance
  • 60 Min, 2 Hrs, 3 Hrs
  • Webinar, Live Virtual Class, Face to Face
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Are you struggling to maintain a healthy work schedule? Are the blurred boundaries between work & home getting challenging to cope with?

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The current pandemic is forcing us into a moment of reckoning about how we organize work and family. Many of us continue our full-time jobs while simultaneously homeschooling our children, attending to elderly parents and those with special needs etc. Lack of work-life balance; managing multiple responsibilities at home and work; finding oneself stretched too thin even with all family members pitching in; no me-time/personal space; no end to work time or house-work. This program focuses on building understanding and acquiring skills for work-life integration.

Target Audience

Everyone who wants to acquire skills for work-life integration. (Max. 24 participants in a Virtual class & Face to face; 250 in a Webinar)


  • Understanding work-life integration and myths around it
  • Ability to create a mental model of integration
  • Learn strategies to achieve work-life integration
  • Ability to do time audit and create time for yourself
  • Learn techniques for self-care

Course Content

  • Myth of balance
  • What emotions do the caregivers experience
  • Work-life balance Vs work-life integration
  • Strategies to address work-life integration
  • Self-care / self-preservation
  • How to do time audit and create time for yourself.
  • Strategies to make caregiving easier


  • Multiple Delivery Options – F2F, Facilitator led Virtual Session, Webinar
  • Highly interactive facilitator moderated discussions, Presentations, Individual & Group exercises, Roleplays, App-based activities, Videos, Q&A


Multiple Delivery Options:
  • Webinar – 60 min
  • Facilitator led Virtual – 120 min
  • Face to Face – 1 day

Optional Customisation

  • Duration of programs based on specific organisational needs
  • Multiple sessions can be organised during the day
  • Training needs analysis prior to design and delivery – to baseline exact requirements for maximum program value and impact
  • Follow-up programs and individual coaching sessions for greater effectiveness

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