10th October 2021

Mental Health In a Unequal World

Good mental health is critical to the functioning of society at the best of times… The mental health and wellbeing of whole societies have been severely impacted by this crisis and are a priority to be addressed urgently.” United Nations Policy Brief: COVID-19 and the Need for Action on Mental Health, May 2020.

This pandemic has created new challenges for health across the world. It also brought to the forefront the health inequities for various reasons hence the theme this year building a fairer, healthier world. The new reality of working from home, lack of physical contact with other family members, friends & colleagues, has adversely impacted the same.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2021, we invite you to join us on a campaign to build a fairer, healthier workplace and encourage #mentalhealthatwork and your employees to realise their #mentalhealth.

Enabling World, presents a bouquet of well-curated, highly engaging & Interactive live sessions, delivered through our Master Facilitators & Wellness Specialists.

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We also organise Celebrity Talks on topics related to mental wellbeing.

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